I have travelled most of Australia quite extensively as well as lived and worked in many of the more remote areas. Much of my past work was in the aviation industry as a ‘Bush’ Pilot.  I am always accompanied by my camera(s) though.

As a professional pilot for much of my life I hold an Australian Air Transport Pilot License. I have flown the ‘camera platform’ for TV, Documentary Film and Stills Photography many times over the years in the course of my normal flying work, as well as for my own photography. When flying for various companies in the past I would often be allocated the photographic assignments not only due to my interest but the fact that I have Accredited Photography qualifications.

With the rapid improvement of lightweight drone camera capability and my background of shooting from the air quite regularly I added a Drone to my arsenal of camera gear a while back. I also have an Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority Remote (Drone) Pilot License for UAV’s (Drones).

I like photographing from the air and can quickly pick good positions, heights and perspectives for a particular shot.

I have been into photography from an early age though and do other types of photography that might be loosely categorised as ‘Outdoors’ and ‘Nature’ I suppose. Very often that gets me into the water with my SLR camera sealed up in a water housing. I enjoy shooting in the sea and surf.

My images are for sale. They can be printed in various sizes and onto various media from fine art paper and canvas to premium acrylic prints. Prices vary depend on the media printed to and the size so contact me for prices.

Any unauthorised use of my images will be considered copyright infringement.

Kim Wirth